A ‘poolscape’ elevates the pool to so much more than a place to swim! Poolscaping brings color, texture, and sensory delights to your poolside experience by incorporating amenities and the beauty of nature into the areas surrounding a pool.

Call us before you call the pool builder!

We’ll design the entire project before breaking ground, coordinate directly with the pool builder, and deliver a beautiful oasis, on time and on budget. Stunning perennial backgrounds, refreshing waterfalls, and soothing spas are just some of the features we can include in your pool area. Add a cabana or pavilion, ornamental fencing, and accent lighting for a seasonal showplace that is refreshingly functional, family friendly, and visually stimulating. Apple Tree will design a poolscape for you that will make your own back yard your most desired summer destination!

Ready to Entertain Outdoors?

Beautiful livable landscapes for your family and friends to enjoy.